The Derek Riggs Interview: “How would you like your zombie?” part 2

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Are you painting anymore or is everything done on the computer?

The CD covers are mostly done on computer these days. I have been doing some pen and ink pictures recently. I have also been thinking about some oil paintings but I don’t really fancy getting back into all the toxic chemicals again, I got a health problem with it all last time, also I don’t much like the smell of oil paints.

Do you have an advice for artist’s who wish to do artwork for bands?
Get the money first
Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Take the money and run.
Don’t believe in royalties, they are a myth. (you will never get any)
Get the money first.
They are not your friends, they will stiff you if they can.
Rock stars tell lies (about everything)
If they say “don’t worry” then worry
If they say “we’ll look after you” it means they don’t intend to pay you.
Get the money first
The “check in the post” is parked in orbit around Saturn (you will never see it)
The music business is not art, it’s a big money grab. (but not for you)

That’s not a very nice attitude is it? No, it’s just the truth. I don’t need to tell lies about it. I have no-one to impress and no public image to defend.

What are you currently working on?
A backdrop for a Maiden tribute band who live in Los Vegas. It’s just a bunch of Maiden style streets and some other stuff. Also I have been doing some black and white, pen and ink drawings for some people. Also when that is done I will be getting back to writing a novel, it’s a horror story. It’s been on hold for a couple of years but I have to get back to it now.

Whenever Iron Maiden comes up amongst my art friends, we always lament the fact that you do not do artwork for them anymore. Is there any chance you would ever do anything for them again?
It doesn’t look like it. Our ideas about what make a good CD cover are getting further and further apart. Also over the last few pictures they have become increasingly dishonest to work with. They have taken to promising one amount of money and then, when the picture is done they only pay about half of that. For the aircraft picture “Fright 666″ they wanted to only pay me if they used it. So they expected me to do three or four weeks work for nothing just incase they felt like using it. How kind of them. They got the short answer, and they had to pay me in advance to get me to finish it off.

So now I want the payment in advance before I do a picture for them, I haven’t done any since. And I hear that they have been telling people that I am difficult to work with… Yeah, I like being paid for my work, thanks.

remember what I said? Get the money first.

What do you think of the artwork they use now?
I haven’t really taken the time to look at them, I have only seen one or two that other people have shown me. There have been a couple of pictures that I liked, mostly done by Herve.(MBA note: artist Herve Monjeaud) Most of the others have not been very good. Some have been just shit.

You see it’s been a long time since I got out of the Maiden thing, I really don’t think about it at all any more, except when somebody asks me about it. Although I have done a few pen and ink drawings of Eddie recently, but that started out as a picture for a friend and kind of snowballed into something else, I had to put the brakes on to stop it getting any bigger. I stopped working for Maiden because I didn’t want to paint Eddie any more, but he kind of sneaked in through the back door… Eddie is a sneaky bastard…

have fun guys


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