For British Heavy Metal legends, Tygers Of Pan Tang, re-recording some of their old songs has proven to be a real treat. The result of such endeavour was recently released as a limited edition CD  titled “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave”.

This compilation’s cover artwork was created by Italian illustrator, Roberto Toderico. The stunning graphic not only features the band’s iconic tiger/mascot but also alludes to some of their previous album covers, including the ones from “Crazy Nights” and “Spellbound.” In this brief interview, long time guitarist, Robb Weir, commented about making the new recordings and revealed the details behind the making of the artwork.

From where it came the idea of re-recording these songs and put them together as a compilation?

Robb Weir: Well originally I had the idea of wanting to re-record my favourite tracks from Wildcat with the line up that was together in 2010.Our management also liked my idea and we decided to record 5 tracks and put them out as an EP. It was so successful we repeated the process in 2011 for Spellbound, recording 6 tracks for another EP release. Actually we have just released the ‘Crazy Night Sessions’ EP and at some stage in the future we will do the ‘Cage Sessions,’ as well. A couple of months ago Bart Gabriel from Skol Records contacted us and asked if we were interested in releasing the first two Sessions EP’s as one album. There would be new artwork, new booklet and re-mastering. It was an offer too good to pass up, so here we are talking about the finished product!

Who came up with the cover concept for this artwork and the idea of mixing elements from previous artworks?

Robb Weir: Bart Gabriel of Skol Records has a number of artists he can call upon to produce work for his record company album covers. One of his associate artists, Roberto Toderico, was given the brief for our new cover and in a matter of days came up with a great piece of work. After studying it, Craig our drummer, came up with the idea of the Post Office Tower in the background and I suggested theTiger Moth by-plane in the search lights. These were added and we were, ‘Good to go!’ as they say.

How did you discover Roberto Toderico’s works and what made you hire him to create this art?

Robb Weir: Now here’s the thing, Bart Gabriel and Skol Records are located in Poland, Roberto Toderico is an Italian, living in his home country. Bart directed us to his web site to view his previous works, all of which were pretty impressive. So Roberto was invited to create our new Sessions album cover.

After seeing his work we were quite excited to see what Roberto could come up with for us. It’s so impressive I think he may well get a call from us to have a go at the new cover album design later this year!

How was the band’s reaction when you all saw the finished artwork? Do you feel satisfied with the results?

We were all very happy with the finished result. It’s another great Tyger themed cover to go down in our history!


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