Over the last few decades, Toronto-based artist, Dan Seagrave, has been able to put together an impressive portfolio that includes iconic artworks for albums by Dismember, Demon Hunter, Hypocrisy, Decrepit Birth and many more. To that prestigious collection he recently added the artwork for Supuration’s new recording “Reveries.” Thanks to it, this French Metal collective has now become one of the few Metal bands that have collaborated with this legendary master illustrator and filmmaker. Bellow, he briefly comments about the creative process behind this image.

“The members of the band were originally drawn to a painting I made for another album by [the group] Hommel,” Seagrave reveals. “This image depicts a human hanging aloft a large contraption, that resembles an organic form, like a tree. They were interested in something like this from the start.”

Eventually, such a complex idea was not implemented. Instead, the concept for “Reveries” was partly taken from the lyrics and other information. “I was more interested in a state of being beyond events mentioned,” the British artist comments. “I’m partial to something like a still aftermath. So with this image you can perceive it as being either a recent occurrence, but it could also be the evidence of an event petrified by time. The figure has become absorbed into the tree, and the tree over time has re moulded the figure, and become a part of it. The body is slowly extended and warped by the growth. It stands like a Goya war etching. A lone biological monument,  witnessed now only by the basic insectile creatures of the forlorn earth.”

Hommel copia

The original, unadulterated artwork be seem at Seagrave’s official website

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