UK’s musical collective, FURYON , describes itself as “a new band from who like nothing more than to challenge expectations. Raised on a diet of heavy metal, prog, and classic rock, we mix all these components for a truly unique and contemporary sound.”

Indeed, their new album “Lost Salvation” is a good example of the band’s effective ways to mix different styles into one cohesive sonic journey.

The album’s cover art, created by seasoned British designer, Mathew Vickerstaff , proposes an ethereal mood of obvious spiritual overtones. This is especially notable in the presence of Christian iconography like a cross and the use of a soft color palette.

“The initial idea was something like a desolate dusty road or crossroad in the middle of a wood or something with a one bird circling or sitting,” Vickerstaff reveals. “The title ‘Lost Salvation’ as well as the feel of desolation are concepts I love to work with, a loss of faith, decomposing industrial structures, dirt, filth, scratched feel to an image. It was all about feeling desolate and yes ‘a loss of faith’ but not in a christian sense. Also a lot about change. The band has evolved now too. So their was a journey and a crossroad.”

Given his knowledge of the band, it seemed the collaboration between both parties felt natural. “I’ve known the Furyon guys for a few years now, we’ve mentioned working together for some time now but for whatever reason nothing had happened until this project came along.”

Regarding to the techniques he used to create the graphic, the artist comments: “I usually end up doing far more complicated pieces with Photoshop, but because this had a simple yet strong concept it needed to reflect that. I grabbed some old pics I had of trees, layered them up to create a foreground as well as the hirzon,  the roads are actually scratched out sections of paint from a wooden door. I then layered over this textures of metal and stone to give it the feel of a washed out photo, a nod towards desolate religious paintings and drawings… The font was also important, because we needed to get across the loss of faith concept, a cross roads of the mind but without being to specific about a religion. The lyrics are set out is a rather messy fashion , a confused approach.”

Furyon’s “Lost Salvation” is now available via Dream Records.

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