Raymond Swanland paints Frosthelm’s “The Endless Winter”


North Dakota’s Thrash/Black metallers Frosthelm, are about to unleash a new sonic beast to the world’s airwaves. Its title is “The Endless Winter” and has already become one of the most-promising American Metal albums of this year.

This recording comes accompanied by a stunning work of art by fantasist, Raymond Swanland http://www.raymondswanland.com , who already has an commanding portfolio under his belt which includes album covers for bands of the caliber of Disturbed and Suffocation, among others. “We made up a list of artists we would like to work with and we all decided that Swanland was probably going to deliver the type of product we were looking for, for this record,” members of the band comment.

Indeed, the California-based illustrator managed to deliver an image of rapturous and menacing power, which features a monolithic creature bringing despair to an already winter-affected landscape. “We decided we wanted a winter type of setting for the album cover, because of the album’s title,” they say. “We knew we wanted some kind of evil thrown into the mix to reflect some of the lyrical imagery being used on the record. We also wanted the color blue to be the focal point. From there, Swanland took the idea and ran with it. He sent it back to us and we were amazed with his work!”

If you’re reading this and are one of those that judge an album for its cover, there’s definitely a huge chance that you’ll be buying (or somehow listening to) this album soon. That’s guaranteed.

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