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As first sight, when you look at the cover of Codex’s  debut album “The Peace Paradox,” apparently there’s not much to look at besides the album title…. Notice we said “apparently.” Look closer, and you will notice that the artwork is actually made using hundreds of miniature machine guns, bullets and other deadly artillery. This is, without a doubt, an interesting-if subtle-way to reinforce the irony proposed on the album’s title and it’s socio-political implications.

Metal Band Art interviewed the band about this peculiar graphic. Here’s what they had to say.

Who came up with the cover concept and what inspired it?

Our band’s bass player, created the Peace Paradox concept. It’s inspired by the wars that have been going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. in relation to propaganda, journalism and economic forces behind those wars. The basic question is: will war lead to peace?

Who’s the artwork illustrator and how she/he became involved with project?

HOAX, a graphic design company from Amsterdam, Holland.
We wanted something non-traditional or typical metal-style artwork for our album and we really liked the stuff they did, so we asked them if they wanted to work with us for this project.

What’s your personal interpretation of this sort puzzle made of weaponry? How does this image represent the album’s music and lyrics?

The cover is decorated in a way an old codex could look like. But instead the shapes are all made of golden weaponry. The gold stands for money that flows in the weapon industry that profits off unstable regions and/or countries and lobby to politicians that preach about peace.

There’s an obvious irony going on when you put the cover and album title together. Any comment about it?

Yes. There will never be peace as long as the weapon industry has influences in political matters, and global leaders use fear as a power mechanism.

This is your debut album. Musically and career-wise, how important is this recording in the evolution of the band?

Not sure yet! We guess every album is important. Usually, bands evolve in their first few albums, and sometimes the second or third album is the best album. We know the music can be an acquired taste, but let’s hope people will dig our first album!




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