Kris Verwimp is an exceptional visual artist. Through his vivid imagination and meticulous brush he’s been able to create a plethora of images that usually mix dark fantasy and folkloric myths with a refined vision of darkness and odd.

After being super-busy last year, producing artwork for Metal bands like Vintersorg, Absu and Suidakra, and putting the finishing touches to his ambitious multi-media project, “Realms Of Odoric”   the artist has started 2015 with the right foot. The best proof of this is his new cover art for the upcoming album “Songs From The Earth” by Italian folk metallers, Furor Gallico

“The lyrics of the title track of “Songs From The Earth” were the main inspiration for the cover composition,” Verwimp reveals. “As the title suggests, the album deals mainly with the Celtic conception of nature and cyclic time.”

The artist specifically refers the these song lines:

“Majestic oak, eternal light, golden leaves that touch the skies,
Roots as deep as the memory of the earth, you have seen men and soldiers,
Passing under your shade, fire and blood, fire and ice but still you stand…
Forever breathing the song of the earth, wisdom in your shade I breathe.
As I lay amidst your leaves I wonder back to a timeless realm and space, primordial sense of life…
I am part of whole and to whole I will return, in every living thing I breathe,
Singing the song of the Earth”

From Verwimp’s perspective, this mythical tree is “a sort of a man-oak with a face carved in the wood and an Ouroboros at its core. Its leaves are withstanding the rain of a thousand fires, falling from the sky. While its roots cover the remnants of human existence.”

As traditionally happens with most of this pieces, Verwimp hand-painted this artwork. He promises there are many interesting things coming from his camp this year. Without a doubt, this is an utterly exciting start. Now, go out and celebrate the Earth.

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