A Killer new Iron Maiden book…2 Minutes to Midnight: An Iron Maiden Day–by-Day


Has the internet ruined my reading habits? Can I sit down and read something for more than 10 minutes? Has my appetite for the quick morsel of knowledge erased my already waning patience? Well, this book did not answer those questions…as it is presented in a way that best suits the short attention span of modern culture. 2 Minutes to Midnight: An Iron Maiden Day–by-Day, is a comprehensive look at the career timeline of one of the greatest metal bands of all time. The timeline format makes it very conducive to reading in quick blasts and makes it easily relatable to your own personal timeline. I found myself diving more into periods of time where I had something from my own life to relate. What was going on when I was in high school,etc?

I could not put this book down! OK, actually I am not telling the truth…I could put it down but I kept picking it up over and over again. For me, I can never get enough of the quotes from Derek Riggs about the evolution of the Eddie artwork but there a ton of other juicy tidbits as well.  The timeline starts in 2500 BC…Yes, 2500 BC, when Horus and Osiris are referenced in Egyptian pyramid texts and centuries later Dickinson evokes those times in “Powerslave.” The book is divided into decade-based sections with introductions that help frame the period of time. From the metal art perspective, it really stands out that there is no better artist for Maiden than Derek Riggs. I do not want lessen the hard work of others given the task to illustrate Eddie…but you can really see the power of the images subside as they move away from Riggs.

If you like Maiden, this should be in your house right now!! This is a book that can easily rest on your coffee table and you read it between texts or unnecessary facebook posts. The book is large format hardcover, 8 3/4” x 11 1/4”, full color throughout, est. 250 pictures, including ads, tour posters, rare sleeves, shirts, live shots from all eras.  Author Martin Popoff has written a ton of other metal books including Run for Cover: The Art of Derek Riggs, which is should be mandatory reading for all Metal art fans. Pick up your copy of 2 Minutes to Midnight: An Iron Maiden Day–by-Day today!



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