Art Plagiarism????

When I started this site almost two years ago I wanted to focus on metal art in a positive uplifting manner, that would hopefully motivate and inspire other artists. As an artist myself, I have always been frustrated by the lack of attention that visual artists get in the metal scene. As many of you know, there is no other form of music that is so directly connected to imagery. Buying a shirt at the show is required for most metal fans and buying music based off the art often takes place….but check most press releases and they include awesome cover art but not many of the artists actually get credited.

I have interviewed a bunch of people and all of them from Derek Riggs to the lesser know artist’s, have been very pleasant passionate people. The pervading sense I got from all of them is that there is a camaraderie that exists amongst us…that binds us and makes us want to help other artists. To bring together this odd group of people, who have decided to dedicate their lives to being creative.

That is why the email that I received this morning really disturbed me. I got an email from an anonymous person, presenting a bunch of evidence that one of our own, had used entire sections of other artists work. When I asked who they were and for more details, I got more examples and this response: “I don’t want to get into “politics” and have this story be “one graphic designer claims against another” but instead it should be about stopping this guy.” The artist in question is Justin Osbourn otherwise known as Slasher Design. I reached out to Justin right away, to hear his side of the story and after a few emails back and forth….he basically decided to go with no comment as a response.

Here are the examples for you to decide…



These examples were given from the comment section:





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