The Rev Picks His Top Ten Album Covers of All Time

If you do not know Reverend David J. Ciancio, then you have not spent anytime around the metal music scene and in particular the NY/NJ scene. I first met him years ago, when I did a shirt for God Forbid and I have stayed in touch with him throughout all of my art/music incarnations. The Rev is an engaging person, who has his hands in multiple businesses including music management, bar ownership and a burger conquest. For more info about him go to:

He took sometime out of his busy schedule to put together a list of his top ten favorite album covers of all time…

Season to Risk “In A Perfect World”
Perhaps my fave album art of all times. I even have a print of this hanging in my bar, Idle Hands in NYC


Iron Maiden “Somewhere Back In Time”
There is no metal mascot cooler than Maiden’s Eddie. Picking one piece of Eddie art over another, full album, single or otherwise, is almost sacrilege, but somehow, this best of comp just kind of nails it all home at once.


Megadeth “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (single)
Megadeth’s mascot, Victor J. Rattlehead’s badd assery is 2nd only to Iron Maiden’s Eddie and this one in particular was Vic’s most bad assed moment.


Pantera “Vulgar Display of Power”
The story of this album art might actually be better than the art itself. They really took a guy out in the street and square punched him in the face until they got the right photo. Also, this album will punch you in the face, repeatedly  and much like the guy on the cover, you’ll love it.


Anthrax “Among the Living”
The ultimate in nerdiness; a metal thrash band writes a song about a Stephen King horror novel and then gets the Poltergeist artist to create a version for their album cover. Anthrax’s version of Randall Flagg / “The Stand” art is 10,000 times more awesome than Stephen King’s book art.


Entombed “Wolverine Blues”
If I have to explain to you why this album art is awesome, you probably don’t like metal and should go back to your Hannah Montana record collection. You take the most kick ass comic book character of all times, Wolverine and you create a comic specifically for one of the most amazing and revolutionary metal bands of all times, Entombed, on of of their most amazing pieces of music ever, and you get a match made in Heaven or Hell or somewhere really freaking cool like Valhalla.



In Flames “Colony”
In Flames have always had great art and this one is my fave. Something about the intricacies of the drawing just draw you.


Iced Earth “The Dark Saga”
A concept album about a comic book character (Spawn) gets the original artist (Tod McFarlane) who draws him to make them album art = awesome. Plus, the record is exceptional.


Metallica “Master of Puppets”
The symbolism in this art and the music behind it has burned itself into my mind forever.


Spinal Tap Self-Titled
Pure, unadulterated, one-of-a-time, never seen again, genius level artistry. There is no album art that is more elegant, symbolic, introspective, creative, intelligent or inspiring piece of album art that can compare to this masterpiece.


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